Short links can be quite powerful in the marketing world, especially if you know how to use them. Short links let you collect a bevy of data—including data about your customers and customer behavior. Ushort helps you target users and get a better understanding of their behavior by providing simple, shortened links that gather copious amounts of data. With Ushort tools, you don’t just reach your target, you reach them smarter and can retarget them to enhance the overall user experience.


  • Redirect customers to relevant pages & watch conversion rates soar
  • Make use of the overlay tool on target websites to deliver unobtrusive notifications
  • Make custom landing pages that promote your services or products & increase engagement
  • Track events live, right as they happen w/ a custom pixel from Facebook
  • Build your own custom applications easily w/ Ushort’s powerful robust API


Plan and Features 

Length of access: lifetime

Updates included

3,000 URLs allowed

10 quick pages

10 custom CTAs

30 event tracking

10 custom domains


Device targeting

URL customization

No advertisements

✅ 30 pixels

✅ Redemption: must redeem within 30 days of purchase

Additional information


Well Documented

Updates Included


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    4 years ago

    Theme was created to demand the smallest possible amount of efforts from the user. To install the theme or skins you only have to click one button. Elementor Page Builder is there for design customization.

  • Author’s gravatar
    4 years ago

    Besides that, they also add some newly designed skins and ready-made pages, expanding the capabilities available for users.

  • Author’s gravatar
    4 years ago

    A new update comes every month, so using theme you could be sure that it is the best possible solution.

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Plan and Features ✅Length of access: lifetime ✅Updates included ✅3,000 URLs allowed ✅10 quick pages ✅10 custom CTAs ✅30 event tracking ✅10 custom domains ✅Geotargeting ✅Device targeting ✅URL customization ✅No advertisements ✅ 30 pixels ✅ Redemption: must redeem within 30 days of purchase
Yes, this is a lifetime deal. You will only pay once.